We have spent the last seven days on beautiful Kauai on one of the most marvelous vacations our family has ever had. But now we are narrowly trying to avoid having it end on such a sour note with our daughter Nicki (my stepdaughter otherwise know as the daughter of my heart).

From Tuesday until Sunday we completely focused on making sure Nicki had a great time. It is her well-deserved vacation from work and I in particular wanted her to have a true respite in paradise. She works so hard.

I think many of us cater to our children in some way, especially on vacation. How many of you can relate to be utterly exhausted by catering? It would not surprise me.

Yesterday we spent the whole day making sure she got a fun surfing lesson and an epic helicopter ride before she was to fly back for work late that night. My husband and I planned to have “us” time for the next three days that we were staying on the island.

This trip is a celebration of our 18 th wedding anniversary. Which is amazing considering that we have lost a child as so many marriages end up on the rocks when something like that happens, I wanted it to be romantically special.

The thing is her flight got cancelled last night and the “us” time became postponed. We have been on the “go go go” since we got here and I was really looking forward to some relaxation around our amazing resort. But Nicki wanted to cram in more “doing” since she got an extra day…understandably so.

We got in a heated family discussion about what we were going to do and I ending up imploding. I said all we have been doing is cater cater cater. I wished I could take the words back as soon as they spurted out of my mouth as bless her heart Nicki took that as I did not want her around.

So now I am sitting by the lagoon with soft trade winds ruffling my hair and the sound of gently rushing water soothing my frayed nerves as I deeply contemplate how to apologize. The best course of action is to ask God to give me the words to repair the damage.

What really came into my heart upon this consideration is that I just have one child to cater to and God has an infinite number of children. If I can’t consider her needs above mine for just one week, how magnificent is our God to selflessly tend to all of us without respite? Oh the energy that must take! And how blessed am I to be pondering this thoughtless transgression in such a glorious place?

This is the first time that the idea of a God that is who He is to all of us really sunk in with me:

John 10:11: I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep.

All His sheep! God indemnifies selfless actions and never tires! Jesus embodied them!


“If we are to strive to be more like Jesus, isn’t being less selfish a great start?”

May our generous Lord give us the energy to keep on giving?