Podcast: Stephanie Green Scott: A Mother of Many

The Atlanta Journal & Constitution: Maternal Instinct


“Stephanie has so much to offer the world! She’s has soared through so many “tragic downs” and “soaring ups” in her life and has come out of it all victorious and praising God for every flight. Yes, she has quite a story to tell – and it’s not just her story, but it’s God’s story. This godly woman, so full of compassion and mercy, will bless your socks off! She communicates across all demographics and all who listen will find themselves leaning in her direction to hear every word of her compelling story.”


Vivian Matheson, Lake Arrowhead Church Sister Circle

I had the privilege of Stephanie Scott at a Conference I sponsored. The extraordinary story of her journey was inspiring to all who attended. Her passion is so needed. Her words and delivery are both professional and poetic. I highly recommend her as a Speaker for your next Event”

Cheryl Lutz, Securely Held Conference

“I met Stephanie at a women’s event where she spoke.  I loved the way she spoke from her heart and I loved that she was using her story to give hope to others.”

Lori Durand Kennedy, Alpha Omega Ministries

Christian Hill, RU Football Graduate Assistant and former Player

“Mrs. Scott was one of the consistent things that I could rely on… Now that we are fortunate to be graced with her presence on a consistent basis, our lives have become that much brighter.”

Kelly Bryan, a young woman I mentor and the girlfriend of a Player

“Mrs. Stephanie is one of the most caring, kind-hearted, selfless people I have ever met… I am absolutely inspired by Mrs. Stephanie...”

Stanlee Logue, RU Football Sophomore Player

“Mrs. Scott goes out of her way every single day to put a smile on someone else’s face, while continuously going above and beyond as our team mom. Her enthusiasm and love for others is a true inspiration”

Chase Hawkins, RU Football Sophomore Player

“Over the past two years there is not a day that goes by where she does not have a smile on her face. She loves each and every player as if they were her son”

Gordon Thigpen, RU Football Player Senior

“All you need to know about Mrs. Stephanie Scott is that there are hundreds of young men of all races, backgrounds, religions, and creeds who would do absolutely anything she asked of them. Her story of the pain that became love has built in her a heart that is unlike anything I have ever seen before, or will ever see again.”

Darrell “Juice” Arnold, RU Football Player Senior

“If there was just 100 Mrs. Scotts in the world, it would be a better place. Her beautiful spirit and love for us means more than words can describe.”

Patrick Dike, Mill Creek High School Football Player

“She lost her biological son, but I and any of my former teammates can attest to the fact that she has hundreds of other sons that love her and appreciate all that she did for us on a daily basis.”

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